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About Our Infection Control

Personal note from Dr. Davis regarding infection control

As you are probably aware, there is widespread news coverage involving the investigation of an Oklahoma oral surgeon for allegedly poor infection control practices and delegation of dental procedures. I want to assure you that in our dental practice, we follow stringent infection control procedures. As your doctor, I only delegate procedures to my staff that they are licensed or qualified to perform per Massachusetts regulations. I care about my patients and your health and safety are my foremost priorities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have developed special recommendations for use in dental offices. Below are some of the things that we do in my practice in terms of infection control:

* All dental staff involved in patient care scrub their hands before each and every patient and use appropriate protective garb including gloves, masks and eyewear.

* A new set of gloves and masks are used for each patient and each treatment room is disinfected before and after each patient.

* Non-disposable dental instruments are cleaned and sterilized between patients. In my office we sterilize instruments using a steam heat autoclave. We utilize visual inspection, temperature verification, and an outside lab to verify efficacy of sterilization.

* Disposable items like needles or gauze are placed in special bags or containers for monitored disposal. Anesthetic needles and anesthesia are used once and never re-used.

* You can visit the American Dental Association’s website at and use the search term “infection control” to see a video on this topic . The website has a lot of information to help you take care of your oral health, too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our infection control procedures.

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